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Temagami: Provincial Parks Canoe Country

Temagami is a rugged, time-worn landscape, part of the Canadian Shield, filled with fault lines and over 2,500 lakes. Spanning over 600,000 hectares, it’s almost as large as Algonquin Provincial Park, making it a beloved destination for paddlers.

The Forest

Temagami’s lakes are bordered by towering pines, some hundreds of years old. Despite its logging history, many ancient pine forests remain, now protected within provincial parks and conservation reserves.

The Lake

Lake Temagami, the region’s hub, spans 45 km from north to south and 35 km from east to west, with over 1,200 islands. Bear Island, at its center, is home to the Temagami First Nation, whose ancestors were the first to navigate these waters.

The Village

The Village of Temagami, founded in 1903, lies on the lake’s Northeast Arm. Initially established due to the northern railway, it quickly became a hub for anglers, canoeists, and mining prospectors. The historic Temagami Canoe Company, founded in 1929, still supplies cedar-canvas canoes.

The Parks

Temagami boasts ten provincial parks, including five backcountry parks ideal for canoeists, two non-operating parks for ecological protection, and two car-camping parks with modern amenities.

  • Finlayson Point Provincial Park: Near the Village of Temagami, offers excellent base camp facilities and scenic views from Caribou Mountain and Fire Tower.
  • Marten River Provincial Park: The southern gateway to Temagami, established around 1925, offers great paddling and fishing opportunities and hosts an annual Lumberjack Days celebration.

Additional Parks

  • Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park: Known for the Lady Evelyn River and extensive backcountry paddling routes.
  • Obabika River Provincial Park: Features a large old-growth forest with ancient pine trees.
  • Makobe-Grays River Provincial Park: Offers classic Canadian Shield river experiences, particularly in the spring.
  • Sturgeon River Provincial Park: Western boundary of Temagami, known for its whitewater rapids.
  • Solace Provincial Park: A remote and beautiful chain of lakes, perfect for canoeists seeking solitude.

Temagami is a timeless treasure for nature enthusiasts, offering a deep connection to the natural world and a rich cultural heritage.

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