Temagami Vacations

The Temagami vacation region encompasses Lake Temagami, the village of Temagami, and the surrounding area and includes some of Ontario’s finest wilderness country and cottage rentals.

Water, water everywhere… Take a look at the map and get a feel for the number of lakes in the Temagami area. Now zoom in with your mind and picture literally thousands of islands.

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About Temagami

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Temagami area is a well known canoe capital, offering adventurers smooth, clear waters – or challenging whitewater – within some of the finest wilderness country you’ll find on this or any other continent.

Water activities abound in Temagami: Swimming. Boating. Fishing. Water skiing. Scuba diving. Sailing. Windsurfing. Kayaking.

But there’s more to Temagami than water. Just ask the hikers or the mountain bikers or the bird watchers or the campers or the nature lovers.

An expanding system of trails tells this side of Temagami’s story. Among the ancient red and white pines in our old growth forest, you may find rare flora – including the purple fringed orchid and rattlesnake orchid. Go to new heights atop Caribou Mountain, affording a spectacular view of the village of Temagami, or High Rock Island in the middle of Lake Temagami. And in Temagami’s back country you’ll find the rooftop of Ontario: The Ishpatina Ridge. At 693 metres (2,275 feet), it is Ontario’s highest point.

Whether you prefer to reach for the clouds or plumb the depts of a glacier- formed lake… If you’re a family fun seeker or one who loves nature and solitude… you’ll find the diversity of Temagami offers an adventure like no other.

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